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By 2030, nearly 23.6 million people around the world will die from heart disease. In the next 3 minutes, 3 people in the United States alone will suffer from a heart attack. And a startling 56% of those victims will be women. But what if all of those people had known that heart disease was 100% preventable? This is the inspiring mission of Dr. William A. Cooper aka ―Coop -The Heart Doctor – Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Professor and decorated Army Veteran – to ensure that every day people have access to critical information that can save their lives today!

As the Medical Director of Cardiovascular Surgery at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital (Marietta, GA), where he has performed over 6,000 surgeries including the hospital’s very first open-heart surgery, Dr. Cooper is leading the charge of perhaps one of the greatest battles in the history of our nation – the war on heart disease. Health + Education = Power! This simple philosophy is bringing hope to thousands of people that encounter Dr. Cooper’s one man mission to lift the veil on cardiovascular or ―heart disease.  Read More


Dr William A. Cooper (MD)


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