Put Me Out of Business, Please!

Good Morning Friends! As I sit here this morning marveling at the wonderful family photos of you, and the many things we all have to be thankful for, my spirit moved me to write, to teach, to educate. But most importantly to motivate.

Put Me Out of Business Please!

High Blood Pressure as you know is deadly in a number of ways, an underlying causative factor in: heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure and even blindness. ALL of us, even our children, are at risk of developing high blood pressure. It is ubiquitous in most over the age of 50, particularly men, but also women. Family history, obesity, smoking (yes guys and gals, those “occasional” cigars cause a surge in blood pressure) diet (or lack thereof) and lack of exercise are the major contributing risk factors.

With the exception of gender (high blood pressure still recognizes Caitlyn as a male) and family history, controlling risks factors AND consistently taking medications, high blood pressure CAN BE CONTROLLED.

But guess what? YOU have to be vigilant and take care of yourself and that includes TAKING YOUR MEDICATIONS and particularly during this holiday season, AVOID EXCESSIVE SALT INTAKE.

Fried, smattered and battered is full of SALT. On average, without ever picking up a SALT shaker we consume 10 times more salt than necessary. Let’s do a taste test. Not that I would want anyone to be hospitalized, but contrast the taste of the food from hospital’s cafeteria with the hospital food served to patients. Why does it taste so “bad”? Because it is low salt, low fat and low sugar. Sure, our chefs could be a bit more creative with the seasonings but just imagine if we all ate food like this every day. Try retraining your taste buds to appreciate low salt, low fat, low sugar foods. Its not as bad as you might think.

Here’s something you may not know is caused by high blood pressure: AORTIC DISSECTION! It is deadly.

I rarely speak of current affairs in my line of work, today I must. In the past two days, we have taken care of as many people with this condition. Both with uncontrolled high blood pressure. It causes sudden, stabbing pain between the shoulder blades. In certain cases, If not treated with surgery, it is uniformly fatal. I spent my Thanksgiving evening and late into the night, doing just that; surgery to repair an aortic dissection.

As I lament over these wonderful Thanksgiving family pics, I implore you to take about an hour a day, EVERYDAY, to do something (EXERCISE) for YOU, for YOUR FAMILY, for YOUR LIFE.

Pause before the feast to pray for restraint and don’t eat too much. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Put Me Out of Business Please!

Have a great weekend!

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